Monday, July 7, 2014

Veggie/Herb Garden

My vegetable and herb garden for this year is complete, now we just have to wait a couple weeks for some vegetable harvesting to begin! So far, the herbs are looking great and I can begin using most of them right away. My garden is little larger than last year, we pulled out the existing flower beds along the fence and turned the entire length of our patio into a garden. My husband put down the pavers for me (I have no idea why the blue is on the larger ones, but they are left over from when Ford Field was built, so I think they're cool for that reason alone!).

And then, courtesy of Pinterest, my husband built me this awesome plant stand.

Then, to use up some of the supply of wine corks we have, I made plant identifiers out of them.

I like to keep my herbs out of the ground because most of them can quickly multiply and take over. In fact, the dill I planted this year were just seedlings that grew from last year's plant. New for this year is my attempt at growing lettuce, and I need to find something to put my individual planters on, some local wildlife has recently taken a liking to the romaine lettuce.  :(

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