Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Declaration of Run Dependence

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am on the waiting list for a buddy through the group, I Run 4. Until I am matched though, I have participated in my first virtual race hosted by the group and have earned my future buddy a medal.  :)

I signed up for the 10k in the Declaration of Rub Dependence and completed it on July 6. The suggested time frame was the first two weeks of July. I had planned on running it July 3 (I even bought a cute American flag tank to wear), but didn't because the weather wasn't cooperating. And I am glad that I didn't put it off any further either, I ended up having to assist another project at work and work through the following weekend with a 2.5 hour daily commute.

I went to the Macomb Orchard Trail for my 10k so I could do an out and back. The run started out great. With the sun at my back. Unfortunately, the second half didn't go so great running into the sun and I ended up doing run/walk intervals for the last two miles. My total time was 1:14. This was only the second 10k 'race' I've entered, which I actually find a little surprising. I really enjoy running this distance, and definitely need to find some future 10k races to enter.

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