Thursday, May 1, 2014

Training Update

My last update before the race - 9 days to go! And I'm still a little nervous about the race, I know that I am capable of finishing the race, but am still unsure if I'll be unable to run the whole race, I will give it my best though! For my longer runs this month, I started running at a nearby trail, the Macomb Orchard Trail, instead of trying to figure out a long enough route through the local neighborhoods. The trail is really nice and I will definitely be going back for my longer runs. It is about a 15-minute drive from my house, but since we live on a main road, I have to drive every time I go running anyway.

My step-sons had their Spring Break in April and we took them on a vacation. We arrived back home on a Friday evening, and I did my 12-mile training run the next morning. It did not go well. At all.  :(  I was so happy with myself for the previous long training run (11 miles) and was so disappointed that this one went so poorly. I did complete the 12 miles but over half of it was run/walk intervals. I'm hoping a lot of it was that I had just gotten back from vacation and because of flying and being in airports the day before. (I'm an anxious flyer and don't eat or drink much.) My last long training run was this past weekend and I did 13 miles, luckily, this one did go much better. I ran 10 straight miles and 3 miles were run/walk intervals. Unfortunately, it was the bottom of my feet that were hurting me and why I started the walking earlier than I had hoped. Even though the rest of my runs aren't nearly as long, I am going to experiment with doubling up on my socks and taping the spot that is bothering me and see how that goes. The final part of my training includes:

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