Saturday, March 1, 2014

Training Update

A couple more weeks and I'll be halfway through my training! Eek! Training in February went well. I did stop replacing my Thursday runs with Bootcamp class though. I don't think I was getting enough mileage in and I was always sore a couple days after the class, even a little into my long Sunday runs. It seemed to make a difference once I was back to running three days a week again. I am getting a little restless to get back outside and run though. It has been a harsh winter here in Michigan. As long as it's above single digits and the wind is at a minimum, I have no issues getting bundled up in my warm running gear and running outside. But between the frigid temperatures and the snow we've gotten, I haven't run outside since January for Meg's Miles. So, on to March's training, the mileage is really starting to increase for me, the six and a half miles I ran two weeks ago is the furthest I've run... so far!

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