Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 1

Of Half Marathon Training!

I've decided to go with Jeff Galloway's half marathon training, as it is a little longer with 16 weeks of training. It also lets me be a little flexible with my training where I have some extra days to fit in fitness classes if I choose. This past fall, I signed up at a new gym because of our move and I just started checking out the different classes available, so far I've gone to bootcamp and circuit burn classes, and I like both since it adds in some resistance training that I haven't done in a while. So, here's the planned January schedule:

Of course, even for the first week, I can't just follow the plan. This Thursday evening, I plan on going to bootcamp class at the gym. Then, today I just learned of a memorial run this Saturday for Meg Menzies, Meg's Miles. Meg was struck and killed by a drunk driver yesterday morning while out for her run. It is an absolutely heart breaking story. Since I only have three miles planned for Sunday, I am planning on running both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday as part of the memorial run and Sunday as part of my regular training.

So, wish me luck, race day is 115 days away!

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