Friday, March 1, 2013

March Fitness Challenge

Through my various searching and pinning of fitness workouts, I've come across several monthly fitness challenges. I always think to myself, I really should do one of those, having a daily schedule/plan would help me stick with it. So months have come and gone without me participating in one. Well, that changes today! I searched several of them and decided on Lean Legs for March since shorts will be the first order of business once it starts warming up this spring.  :)  This workout is courtesy of Fun Fit and Fabulous with Lauren.

Week 1 Exercises:
Bridge Exercise
Wall Sit Exercise
Donkey Kick

Week 2 Exercises:
Inner Thigh Bridge
Inner Thigh Wall Sit
Straight Leg Donkey Kick

Week 3 Exercises:
One Legged Bridge - Switch legs halfway through
One Legged Wall Sit - Switch legs half way through
Cross Over Donkey Kicks

Week 4 Exercises:
Bridge and Wall Sit are the same as Week 1, but on your toes.
Fire Hydrants

Week 5 Exercises:
Bridge Lower/Lifts
Wall Sit with Weights - same as Week 1 but while holding a dumbbell
Cross and Kick Donkey - same as Week 3, but kick leg straight out 90 degrees from your body

For anyone that will be participating with me, good luck!

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