Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Putting An Offer In On A House

As I'm typing this, I still can't believe that we're going ahead with it. Jim and I routinely look at houses for sale in the area to see what's out there and to get an idea of what price we can put ours up for when we do decide to sell. We live on a canal now, but would love to live on the river or the lake. We've done so many updates to our house in the past couple years, mainly in hopes of selling it quickly when we do decide to sell. Our plan has been we'll keep saving money and stay where we are until we find a home on the river or lake that we plan to stay in for many, many years. We can always find really nice houses that are just way out of our price range, but recently we came across one that was just the size we were looking for with a large yard on the lake. However, the price reflects that it needs a lot of work. I have no doubt that in a couple years it will be our dream house but it's just getting to that point. It will be a lot of work, but I am really excited if we get the opportunity!

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