Friday, May 4, 2012

Work Travel

So, next week, traveling for work starts back up again. Unfortunately, it will be for most of the summer and longer durations since I am traveling to Mexico. I was traveling much of last summer too, so I'm not really looking forward to missing out on a lot of this summer as well. One of the best parts of where Jim and I live is the warm weather. We spend many weekends out on our boat and enjoy sitting out on our dock during the evenings. I won't be partaking in that as much as I would like.  :(  The other is running outside. I spend most of the colder months running inside on the dreadmill and really enjoy my outdoor runs when it's warm. Unfortunately, because I'm traveling to Mexico and restrictions my work has while traveling there, I will be running in the hotel gym instead. To keep myself motivated for running, I have found a new running program. I have yet to break the 30-minute mark in my 5k races (well, one I did, but according to my GPS watch, it was not a full 5k). And since I've been running longer distances, I've noticed my speed has suffered. So, I found a program specifically for running a sub-30 minute 5k. I'll work on this through the summer and try it out at a 5k late this summer or early fall.

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