Monday, February 13, 2012

Running Injury

Endurance-wise, I've been feeling great on my longer runs, and really trying to add distance. This past weekend, I made it to 5.5 miles. Unfortunately, my body is not taking to this too well. I've been incorporating weight training in during the week. A week and a half ago, I hurt my hip lifting weights, and apparently haven't been resting it enough. After each of my runs, my hip is really aggravated, especially the day or two following. The hard part with the resting is that actually running on it doesn't hurt, it's afterwards that I notice it. After this past Saturday's run, I was in quite a bit of pain Sunday morning. This did not bode well for my first 10k I'm hoping to run in a couple weeks. I would really like to get in a couple 6-mile runs in before the race. After researching on the internet, I believe it is my iliotibial band that I hurt (tissue that runs along the outside of the thigh from the hip to the lower knee). I found some stretches and tried them. Whether it was the stretching or not, I noticed it was feeling much better later in the day. I'll be taking three days off and I hope it's enough, I'll be ready to get a run in come this Wednesday!

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