Monday, October 3, 2011

100-Mile Fitness Challenge

I came across the 100-Mile Fitness Challenge a while ago, before I had started really getting into running and I thought it would be a fun and motivating way to keep up with running. Over three months, the goal is to accumulate 100 miles. Whether it's running or walking, the miles add up 1:1, or if you are doing another fitness activity, 20 minutes = 1 miles. And only whole miles count, partial miles can't be added together. I saw a post that the challenge was being hosted again from July to September and was really interested in participating. I had hoped to run a 10k this year, but with my work and traveling so much, it was not really happening. I thought this challenge would be a good fitness goal for me instead. So, I signed up and am really glad I did so. I think there were some times where I didn't quite feel like running after work, but the challenge kept me going. And I'm very happy that with a day to spare, I finished the challenge. I had been hoping to get more mileage in and finish sooner, but still am very proud of the accomplishment!

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