Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Busy

I can't believe it's August already! I've been working out of town Monday - Friday since April and I am quite ready for it to end. Unfortunately, it's crunch time for my project, so it may mean working a couple weekends this month.  :(  However, on a brighter note, our major house updates are just about complete. The outside of the house was just finished last weekend, and Jim and I are so pleased with everything. I've been working on taking photos and need to get them organized so I can post before and after pics. I am also really trying to keep up with my running. I signed up for the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge, which is to get in 100 miles in three months. Five weeks in, and I'm at 39 miles, which I'm pretty happy with. Before I started traveling, I had always had my longer runs on the weekends. But only being home two days a week, this has been hard, the weekends just seem to fly by, there's so much to do and catch up on. I may not be adding to my distances as much as I like, but I am at least maintaining.

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