Saturday, April 30, 2011


Jim and I had a wonderful vacation! It was a very relaxing week on the beach. While I may not have gone running as much I would have liked, we took several walks on the beach and I met my goal of a nap each day (naps on the beach can't be beat!). We really enjoyed the resort and the food was very good. There are four specialty restaurants and we were able to make it to all of them with the Japanese restaurant as our favorite. And while we weren't on Seven Mile Beach, the bay we were at was all sandy and about a mile and a half long. The first morning I tried running on the beach, but it's a rather short beach, so I just settled for laps around the resort. And we took one excursion while we there - a catamaran took us snorkeling and then on to Rick's Cafe, where Jim jumped from the cliffs. Overall, a very relaxing and well-needed trip!