Sunday, January 30, 2011

Longest Distance ... So Far!

I have been quite proud of myself with keeping up with my running program, I just completed Week 5 and ran 4 miles this morning. I took the run pretty slow on the treadmill (well, slower than usual), but was so happy that I completed it, I have never run that far before. I am having some trouble getting to the gym for cardio on my off-running days with work and everything else going on. And it's taken me two weeks to complete Week 5, I didn't feel quite like I could add half a mile to my run last Sunday, so I just added a quarter mile last week and then another quarter mile today. But, I am quite pleased with my progress and I hope next month's business trip doesn't get me too off course, I know I won't have too much time for running. My goal is to run the Blue Water Hospice 10k at the beginning of June. Last year, that race was my first 5k that I had run.

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