Sunday, December 26, 2010

8k Training

After sporadically working out through the fall, I decided to do another structured running program since the C25K program worked out so well for me. This past Monday, I started Hal Higdon's 8k Novice program. I was really hoping to have Chicago's Shamrock Shuffle be my graduation from the program, but it's scheduled the day after one of my really good friend's wedding this spring, so that's not really going to happen! So, still going ahead with the training, I'm hoping to find a local 8k this spring to run.

I just completed my first week and so far, it's going well. Each day of running was only two miles, and while I was capable of running further, I think it's a good starting point, since I haven't been too consistent lately with running. The other test will be when I start Week 3 of the training and am no longer on vacation. I find that getting in six days of working out a week is not too hard when I don't have to fit in in with a full day of work and two hours of commuting! So far, I am really enjoying the training and like that it incorporates other cardio and strength training, and hoping I can keep up with it!

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