Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Used Books

I get almost all of my books from the library. On occasion if I'm making a birthday or Christmas list, I'll ask for a book series or a book that I know is really good. But, I'm not one to re-read books, so I would much rather make my way up to the library and check out the books. For the reading challenges I'm participating in this year, I was unable to find two of the books in our library system. I really didn't want to pay full-price for them, so I thought I'd try the used book route. Of course, I have to find the best deal for them, so I did some searching on the internet and found where I could get both books for under $10 with shipping. After they arrived, a slew of books I was waiting for at the library came in, so I had to get through all of them first. Recently, I started reading one of the used books I had bought and as I was getting near the end, I kept thinking to myself, we're not really close to a conclusion yet. Then all of sudden, I was on the last page and it was clearly not the end of the book. I checked amazon, and yup, my book was roughly 70 pages short. I guess that's what I get for purchasing a used book and trying to bargain hunt! I suppose I learned my lesson that I need to check if all the pages are there. I did e-mail the company, thriftbooks.com, and was not sure what to expect. I suspected they may tell me, it's used, no guarantees. But I got an e-mail back apologizing and that they are shipping the same book to me and have verified that the pages I'm missing are in the replacement book. So, even though I'm still waiting for the book so I can finish it, I was very pleased with their customer service and quick response. And I'll be a little more diligent in my used book searches in the future!

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