Sunday, October 10, 2010


Last month, I had a business trip to the northern part of Spain. I really enjoyed the trip and would like to return for a vacation! It was a rather short trip, just under a week and we were pretty busy with trying to get through everything during our meetings. The city I was in, Mondrag√≥n,  is a rather small city in the Basque region. It's very pretty there, nestled in the mountains. The weather during the first part of the trip was perfect, upper 70s/lower 80s during the day and sunny. It did get cooler and rainy at the end of the week, and I was told this type of weather is more of the norm of the region. But, with the mountains and the fog, it's still very pretty.

During my last afternoon in Spain, the engineers from the company I was meeting with took me to a nearby modern cathedral, Arantzazu. It's up in the mountains and in a very beautiful area.

I only had one small complaint during my trip and it was their meal times and habits are much different than at home. They have a bigger and later lunch and then a smaller and later dinner than I am used to. It would not be too much of a problem other than the later time of dinner and we were in a small town with very few choices of an earlier dinner (actually, only one that I found). I tend to keep roughly the same sleeping hours as at home when I'm on business trips and don't stay up too late. Otherwise, it was a fun trip and I am looking forward  to next next trip to Spain!

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