Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, the slew of business trips have started! Last week, I was in Changwon, South Korea for design review meetings. I have been there once before; in early 2007, I was there for a month. I can say August in Korea is very, very different than January! All week, it was so hot and humid, and they do not quite have the same air conditioning standards I am used to at home! Overall, it was a good trip. During my last visit, there was much to get accomplished and I worked every day. For this trip, everything went well, and we were able to go sightseeing one day. First, we went to Bulguksa, a Buddhist temple, about an hour and a half away from where we were staying. I found it very interesting. Each of the temples had services going on and I found the area where little temples had been built out of rocks very interesting.

Afterward, we went into Pusan, Korea's second largest city. We visited the 2005 site of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), which can be toured, and then we walked around the island the convention center is. I took several pictures, and it was very pretty with the ocean and the surrounding mountains. But, since it was so warm and humid, it is quite hazy. I would not mind returning on a clearer day, it was a very enjoyable day of sightseeing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I went for my first bike ride in years, and oh my, it certainly felt like it! Since reaching my goal of running a 5k, I've wanted to start incorporating other activities into my workouts. And the county I live in has the Bay to Bridge Trail which I've wanted to check out for both running and bicycling. So, this afternoon, I mapped out a route and was hoping to go 8 miles. Soon into the ride, I was distinctly feeling each muscle not normally used while running! I ended up turning around on the trail at the end of the Algonac State Park and heading back home, going a little over over 5 miles. I came home and told Jim I no longer feel like I'm anywhere near being in shape! So, I will definitely be adding in a bike ride into my workouts once or twice a week from now on!