Saturday, June 5, 2010

First 5k!

I am a C25K graduate and just ran my first 5k this morning! I am so glad that I stuck with the program and entered today's race, the Blue Water Hospice River Run. It started at 8am and is a half hour away, so it was a pretty early morning. And many thanks to my husband, he's sick with a cold, but got this morning to take me to the race and cheer me on. I did not set any sort of time to complete it in, as I was not sure what to expect. My goal was to run the whole thing, no walking, and not finish in last!  ;)  I had run three miles earlier this week in about 34 minutes so I was hoping somewhere around that for my first race. It was a little crazy at the beginning of the race, I am not a fast runner and really should have started closer to the back instead of the middle of the group. But, I got into my pace and was able to run the whole course and was happy to see 32 minutes as I was getting close to the finish line. I sped up as much as I could and finished at about 32:58, although we'll see what the official results are when they come in. I am planning on another 5k at the end of June and will be working on improving my pace the next four weeks.  :)

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stacybuckeye said...

Congratulations! What great accomplishment :)