Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Vacation

Last weekend, we went on vacation to Mackinaw City with my family. Other than our wedding, it has been years since we've done this. In total, there were 15 of us; Jim and I, my mom and step-dad, my two sisters and brother-in-law and future brother-in-law, step-brother, four nieces, and two step-sons. The trip turned out quite as I expected - a lot of fun with a little craziness thrown in! Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix-up with the hotel on who was checking in on which night, so there was an issue with the first night and the hotel completely booked up, but luckily, everything ended up working out. On Friday, we went to the indoor water park across the street and later on, headed out to the beach. Saturday was our day to go to Mackinac Island. We got the package that included the carriage ride and Fort Mackinac. Overall, we had a great time. I've been to Mackinac several times, but had never been to Fort Mackinac and thought it was really interesting. On Sunday, my family headed home, but Jim, the boys, and I stayed for an extra day. We went across the Mackinaw Bridge into St.Ignace to the Deer Ranch. I wasn't sure really what to expect but we had a good time feeding the deer and seeing them up close. Overall, a real fun vacation!

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