Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Poor Garden

The gas company is in the process of replacing the gas lines on our block. In December, in Michigan, while it's close to freezing. :( The new line to our house was installed yesterday so we had the pleasure of coming home to quite a cold house since they had to shut off the gas. Well, the gas meter and hook-up to the house is in front of the house at the back of my garden. I took a closer look today when I got home and there are bulbs laying on top of the dirt, perennial flowers were dug up and replanted. And to add to it, there's more piping to the house than before resulting in it being a bit of eyesore. :( I'll either have to cover it with something or plant a something bigger in front of it. That will have to wait until next spring though. But, I'll be in the garden this weekend hoping to get it back in order. I just wish the weather wasn't going to be so cold though!

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