Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loving This Warm Weather

Even with the storms we had yesterday afternoon and last night, this warm weather has been so nice. Friday night, we took the fishing boat out for a short boat ride. There may have been a 15 or 20 degree difference from our seawall to out in the open river, but it was still nice to be out on the water. Yesterday morning, I was able to get out in the garden and finish so that all of the gardens are ready to plant annuals. It will be a couple weeks before that can happen, but at least they're ready! It looks like the really warm weather will end tomorrow, but I'll take the 60s that they're forecasting for after that too. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Change In Weekend Plans

Well, looks like a last minute change in our Easter weekend plans. We had been planning on heading up north to our property this weekend for some time now. All the while, keeping our eye on online web cams, trying to determine if the snow had melted enough so we could actually drive all the way to the property. It appeared that enough had melted in nearby areas, but that was not the case where our property is located. Our friends went up Thursday night and they couldn't drive to their property, had to hike it the last quarter mile or so. So, we still were going to attempt it, hoping that even though our property is a couple miles away, it would be better. Well, got the truck all loaded up, went grocery shopping, met Jim after work, and we then decided not to go. Our friend had tried driving to our property and was worried he would get stuck in the snow.
So, we nixed the up north plan and decided to spend a relaxing weekend at home. It does work out better, since both of our families are getting together for Easter tomorrow, we'll be able to spend more time with both of them. Happy Easter!