Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patches and Cider Mills

I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend, although it sounds like it isn't going to be the greatest weather-wise. Tomorrow, we will be taking Nathan and Ryan to pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and carve them tomorrow night. Then, one of my best friends is in town from Chicago and we're heading to the cider mill Sunday afternoon for some cider and doughnuts. :) Yummy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Toy

Last night, Jim gave me my birthday gift and I'm so excited about it. :) I've wanted a digital SLR for some time and now I have one! Originally, I had wanted the new starter Canon xSi, but after reading some reviews, I also really liked the Canon 40D. And with the release of the 50D, the price of the 40D came down some and this is what Jim got me. I'm so excited about it. :D I really have no knowledge of photography but am looking forward to playing with the camera and maybe taking a class or two. I took some pictures of my engagement ring last night and can't believe the quality and ease of focusing. I'm looking forward to taking it up north this weekend and being able to take pictures of the color change.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Longer A Twenty-Something

Well, I've finally reached the big 3-0! I woke up this morning to my husband-to-be wishing me a happy birthday and calling me an old lady. ;) Luckily, with him being several years older than me, that goes both ways! Nothing crazy planned for my birthday though, especially with my family already throwing me a surprise party. Tonight, Jim and I will be going out to dinner and this weekend, we're heading up north along with Nathan and Ryan to celebrate. I'm looking forward to another relaxing weekend, especially with the color change being really close to peak.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Four Years Ago Tonight

Jim and I went on our first date. :D I can't believe it's been four years already! Time flies by when you're having fun. We had so much fun that night too. It was after work and we met near my condo at a billiards bar. It was around dinner time when we got there and our first date was nearly seven hours long. I don't think either of us realized how quickly the time went by, but before we knew it, it was well after midnight, both of us had to work the next day and Jim still had almost an hour drive home. And here we are four years later, less than five months from our wedding. :)