Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Found the Dress!

I am so excited - I found my wedding dress! This past Saturday, I tried on another slew of wedding dresses. I thought one of the first ones could have been it, but the absolute last dress I tried on was THE one! I am quite an indecisive person, so we didn't purchase it then. Plus, I wanted my mom and sisters to try on MOB and bridesmaid dresses. (My mom did end up buying her dress AND getting a great deal on it.) So, we made another appointment for yesterday. The only downside was that Saturday night (after a few glasses of wine), I looked back through the pictures and started second-guessing myself. But, yesterday, we went back and I tried them both on again. I put my dress on second and knew that was it. Even other people said so. Although, in my opinion, why do people do that? Did I look so bad in the last dress, that's why they're saying it? I guess that's the pessimistic side of me! :) Regardless, I found my dress and am so glad. Now - to the hard parts: keeping it a secret from Jim and finding a resort for the wedding!

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