Saturday, January 5, 2008

Off To Langenthal, Switzerland

Well, in several hours, I'll be on a plane, heading to Langenthal, Switzerland for work. Langenthal is about an hour outside of Zurich, which is where I'll be flying into. I've been traveling quite a bit for work the past few months, and am not totally thrilled about traveling again so soon. Mainly because my trip is scheduled for two weeks, and has a possibility of getting extended. However, I am looking forward to visiting Switzerland, and hopefully getting a chance to do some sightseeing. In addition, I have family - uncle, aunt, and two cousins - about two or three hours away that I'll get to visit. On the plus side if my trip does get extended, I was able to find flights for under $500 for Jim to come and visit me, so if that happens, I'll definitely be looking forward to that!

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