Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Well, my trip in Langenthal is coming near a close, my flight back home is this Friday. I've had a good time, well, I guess as much as you can on a two-week business trip. ;) The hotel I'm staying at is the Hotel Baeren, which is really nice. Here is a picture of the hotel as well as two pictures from my window:

The highlight of the trip definitely has been visiting my uncle, aunt, and two cousins this past weekend. My uncle picked me up on Friday evening, and we drove the hour and a half to their home in Ermatingen. Saturday, we did some souvenir shopping and my cousin had a hockey game. Saturday night, we had a traditional Swiss dish - Raclette. Cheese is melted in a raclette burner by each person, seasonings are added, and then it's poured over potatoes. On the top of the raclette burner, meat and other vegetables are cooked. It was very good - I looked online and found that Williams-Sonoma has a Raclette Maker and if I can find the ingredients at home, I'd really like to buy it. Dinner also including some merlot tasting, which was really good. Sunday, we didn't do too much, and then I took the train back to Langenthal late Sunday afternoon. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

My Uncle and Aunt's House

View From Their Backyard

My cousin, Jeremy, playing hockey

My cousin, Tara-Talisa, and I

While it has been a fun visit, I'm definitely looking forward to going home this weekend!

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Trudy said...

Hallo Kristin
herzliche Grüsse aus Ermatingen,
i am just a neighbour.