Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Declaration of Run Dependence

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am on the waiting list for a buddy through the group, I Run 4. Until I am matched though, I have participated in my first virtual race hosted by the group and have earned my future buddy a medal.  :)

I signed up for the 10k in the Declaration of Rub Dependence and completed it on July 6. The suggested time frame was the first two weeks of July. I had planned on running it July 3 (I even bought a cute American flag tank to wear), but didn't because the weather wasn't cooperating. And I am glad that I didn't put it off any further either, I ended up having to assist another project at work and work through the following weekend with a 2.5 hour daily commute.

I went to the Macomb Orchard Trail for my 10k so I could do an out and back. The run started out great. With the sun at my back. Unfortunately, the second half didn't go so great running into the sun and I ended up doing run/walk intervals for the last two miles. My total time was 1:14. This was only the second 10k 'race' I've entered, which I actually find a little surprising. I really enjoy running this distance, and definitely need to find some future 10k races to enter.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Veggie/Herb Garden

My vegetable and herb garden for this year is complete, now we just have to wait a couple weeks for some vegetable harvesting to begin! So far, the herbs are looking great and I can begin using most of them right away. My garden is little larger than last year, we pulled out the existing flower beds along the fence and turned the entire length of our patio into a garden. My husband put down the pavers for me (I have no idea why the blue is on the larger ones, but they are left over from when Ford Field was built, so I think they're cool for that reason alone!).

And then, courtesy of Pinterest, my husband built me this awesome plant stand.

Then, to use up some of the supply of wine corks we have, I made plant identifiers out of them.

I like to keep my herbs out of the ground because most of them can quickly multiply and take over. In fact, the dill I planted this year were just seedlings that grew from last year's plant. New for this year is my attempt at growing lettuce, and I need to find something to put my individual planters on, some local wildlife has recently taken a liking to the romaine lettuce.  :(

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Run 4

Through a friend, I learned about the program, I Run 4, where runners are paired with individuals that are unable to run. The runners dedicate their runs to their coaches and interact through Facebook. As soon as I heard about it, I loved the premise of it. I have been running for fours years, and I joke around with my husband that the following quote fits me so well:

I know I'm not the fastest, nor even close to being fast. Despite that, running is my 'me' time, it gives me time to think, enjoy the scenery, and just get outside and feel alive (or indoors I suppose, when the weather doesn't cooperate). And after several years of running, I do notice myself getting restless when I'm not running regularly and after a bad day, even when I think I feel like not running, I know as soon as I start running, I will feel better and be in a better mood. I am extremely grateful that I am able to run and love that I will be able to dedicate my runs to someone that is unable to. Currently, there is ~3000 person waiting list for runners, so it will be several weeks before I am matched but I am looking forward to it. Until then, I will be participating in one of the virtual races the program is sponsoring and beginning to collect racing swag for my future buddy.  :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekend Warrior Race Report

Well, the race didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but I did finish! Five days before the race, I woke up with a sore throat and some congestion. I didn't feel well at all and ended up changing my training days that week from Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday and Thursday and rested as much as possible. It didn't really help too much. My sore throat went away, but I still had a lot of sinus pressure and either a stuffy or runny nose throughout the week. My training runs weren't too bad, but were only 30 minutes long.

So, on Saturday, I got up and got ready for the race. My husband drove me to the race and we walked to the starting line and then to the finish so we knew where we would be meeting up. He took a few pictures and then quickly went back to the truck so he could get out before the races started.

I went to the start line and waited at the flag for my pace group. And waited. There were three different start times based on which race you were running. The marathoners must have started a little late, which caused us to start late. But finally, we were off. The group I was running with included 12k, 10 Mile, Half Marathon, and 25k. I thought the race started out pretty good for me. We were running into the wind for the first 4 miles and then headed south. After about 6 miles or so, I was really starting to feel it and could tell that I wasn't at 100%. My nose was constantly running, and I was repeatedly blowing it so that I could breathe a little easier. So, I made it 8 miles before I started my run/walk intervals and by then, there was a lot more walking than running.  :(  My husband was tracking me through a GPS app and I saw him at Mile 10.

By then, my feet were bothering me again. I had taped the spots that I have the most issues, but my pinky toes are also bothering me on these long runs. Unfortunately, the last leg was headed right into the wind at the end, luckily it wasn't a very long leg, but I did finish! My official time was 2:45.


Overall, I'm so glad that I decided to do this. I'm very proud of that the fact that I did finish, although I am a little disappointed I didn't run the whole race. I've actually looked into races in the next several weeks near me so I can try again. There is one in Port Huron at the end of June that I am considering entering. This would give me another six weeks of training where I can concentrate on fully running these longer distances.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Training Update

My last update before the race - 9 days to go! And I'm still a little nervous about the race, I know that I am capable of finishing the race, but am still unsure if I'll be unable to run the whole race, I will give it my best though! For my longer runs this month, I started running at a nearby trail, the Macomb Orchard Trail, instead of trying to figure out a long enough route through the local neighborhoods. The trail is really nice and I will definitely be going back for my longer runs. It is about a 15-minute drive from my house, but since we live on a main road, I have to drive every time I go running anyway.

My step-sons had their Spring Break in April and we took them on a vacation. We arrived back home on a Friday evening, and I did my 12-mile training run the next morning. It did not go well. At all.  :(  I was so happy with myself for the previous long training run (11 miles) and was so disappointed that this one went so poorly. I did complete the 12 miles but over half of it was run/walk intervals. I'm hoping a lot of it was that I had just gotten back from vacation and because of flying and being in airports the day before. (I'm an anxious flyer and don't eat or drink much.) My last long training run was this past weekend and I did 13 miles, luckily, this one did go much better. I ran 10 straight miles and 3 miles were run/walk intervals. Unfortunately, it was the bottom of my feet that were hurting me and why I started the walking earlier than I had hoped. Even though the rest of my runs aren't nearly as long, I am going to experiment with doubling up on my socks and taping the spot that is bothering me and see how that goes. The final part of my training includes: